Broadband Quality

Broadband Quality

Check the quality of your broadband Internet connection over a period of time
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Knowing how your Internet connection is doing over a certain period of time is important to help you decide if your ISP is delivering services as promised or if you should be looking for other options. Broadband Quality checks your download and upload speeds at intervals set by you so that you have enough objective information to make an informed decision about the service you receive from your current Internet provider.

What you pay for your Internet connection is directly related to the maximum speed that your ISP says your line is capable of supporting. That is no guarantee, however, that your connection is going to be working at their maximum speed in a steady and constant way at all times. Your Internet connection behaves differently at different times, and in most cases you won’t be there sitting at your computer to check it for yourself, and there is when Broadband Quality comes in handy.

This free utility will check your incoming and outgoing data transmission speeds every hour for as long as you wish, will take notes of the download and upload speeds at a given point in time and will provide you with both raw data and derived statistics about the quality of your bandwidth. In order to reach some meaningful conclusion you will need to leave the test running for at least 24 hours, so you can have a bird’s view of how your connection behaves at different times along the day. This behavior usually follows a pattern, so if you maintain the test running for a few more days (or weeks), it can also help you detect any problems affecting your bandwidth at specific times of the day or on specific days of the week/month.

Broadband Quality is nothing but an informative free tool – do not expect to find any functionality to improve or make the most of your Internet connection or to avoid bottlenecks and other issues that may be clogging your bandwidth. This is a data collecting tool that will simplify your decision-taking process when it comes to both your bandwidth use and the fee that your ISP is charging you for the service they promised to provide.

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  • Graphic reports of your bandwidth speeds.
  • Customizable test intervals


  • An hour is the minimum time interval available.
  • No report printing options
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